IECQ — IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components — is the only comprehensive, world-wide, approval and certification program that assesses electronic components to quality requirements. It was formed in April 2003 from the IECQ and CECC, two systems which had been operating for more than 20 years.

The IEC Mark of Conformity shown below can be used for IECQ certified components:

Types of approvals

The approvals explained below are an important assurance that, throughout the chain of supply of components, customer requirements will be met in full compliance with IECQ procedures.

Every approval granted under the IECQ references a standard or specification that has been accepted for use in the System.

Each approval carries the award of a certificate.

Organization approval, which is applicable to manufacturers, distributors and specialist contractors, is the first and obligatory level of approval. It exceeds the relevant requirements of ISO 9001.
Approvals already granted by appropriate certification bodies may be taken into account in any assessment for supplier approval.
A manufacturer, having achieved organization approval, may apply for product approval through one or more of the following routes:

Qualification Approval, which is applicable to a component or range of components which meet the requirements of the accepted specifications.

Capability Approval, which defines a manufacturer's ability in respect of his manufacturing processes and quality control methods, which may include design, covering a specific component technology within a generic specification.

Technology Approval, which focuses on process control, and the continuous improvement of a manufacturing technology. The manufacturer has to demonstrate his quality management system through the application of a formal system, such as TQM using in-process control methods (of which SPC is an example) as appropriate for the manufacturer of components in defined families.
Any component produced within the scope of the above approvals is recognized as IECQ certified, and can be released with a Declaration of Conformity if the user and supplier so decide.

A specialist contractor, having achieved supplier approval, may proceed to

Process Approval, which allows firms serving the electronic component industry to obtain approval under the IECQ as specialist contractors. Examples of activities are ceramic package manufacture, printed board or integrated circuit design and electroplating.
In association with organization approval, the following provisions apply to distributors and independent testing laboratories:

Distributor approval is available to distributors of components acting independently of any manufacturer's production department and intending to stock and distribute approved components under the authorization of an approved manufacturer.

Testing laboratory accreditation is available to independent testing laboratories intending to carry out tests on components within the IECQ. The accreditation covers the type of tests to be carried out, the component ranges to be tested and the facilities available, and exceeds the relevant requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. Account is taken of any existing and relevant accreditation.

Avionics: This is a relatively new field of activity for IECQ and consists of auditing avionics OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to IEC TS 62239, Process management for avionics - Preparation of an electronic components management plan.

Technological scope

At the present time, electronic components and related materials from the following areas or families can be approved under IECQ:
  • active components, including integrated circuits;
  • electromagnetic components;
  • electromechanical components;
  • electro-optic components;
  • hybrid integrated circuits;
  • passive components;
  • printed boards;
  • wires and cables.

How to apply

Organizations seeking for IECQ Approval address their enquiries directly to:

OVE Testing and Certification
Kahlenberger Strasse 2A
1190 Wien

T +43 1 370 58 06-0
F +43 1 370 58 06-499

Further information

Further details of the operation about the IECQ System is obtainable from the IECQ Homepage