ENEC Agreement

ENEC is the Europen Mark for all electrotechnical products and provides product access to markets of all countries in the European Union, EFTA and a growing number of Eastern European countries. ENEC shows conformity of products to European Safety Standards (EN).


The ENEC Agreement describes the procedure for the granting and use of a commonly agreed mark for certain electrical equipment complying with European Standards. National Certification Bodies (NCBs) adhering to this agreement shall consider products legitimately bearing the ENEC Mark granted by another NCB as bearing the Mark granted by them, and shall act accordingly. As ENEC demonstrates compliance with European Standards, verified by an independent third party, the manufacturer/licensee is at the same time provided with supporting documents to enable the manufacturer to declare his compliance with the relevant European Directives and apply the CE-Marking on his products with complete confidence. In short, the agreement implies that the product in question will be type tested in one of the member countries against the relevant European Safety Standards.

Luminaires and components for which a licence is applied for, shall be manufactured in a factory that has a quality system in compliance with at least EN ISO 9001. For any other electrical equipment, the manufacturer is free to choose between CIG 021 or EN ISO 9001. If all requirements are fulfilled, as verified by the relevant Certification Body, the licence for using the ENEC Mark will be issued. Further, the NCB which issued the licence is responsible for the surveillance of the production in order to maintain confidence in the high level of quality of the ENEC marked products. The Certification Body shall visit the company on a regular basis to ensure that all necessary routine- and periodic tests are carried out and that the initial conditions verified during the prelicence-factory inspection are maintained. Every two years, product samples for retesting are selected by the NCB in order to check that the product is maintained in compliance with the standard.

Products and standards covered by the agreement



How to apply

  • The applicant submits:
    • Application form (available on request / download Application Form)
    • Product documentation
    • Test samples
      (The applicant should contact OVE before sending a specimen)
  • OVE arranges testing of the relevant product in an accepted Testing Laboratory
  • When testing is completed a Test Report will be issued
  • When testing is successfully carried out, OVE will issue the ENEC Certificate
The ENEC Certificate is valid as long as the manufacturer continuous to fulfil the requirements of the rules and standards. The applicant may request testing to cover national differences in countries in which the ENEC Mark is to be used. If additional tests have been carried out, a report of the results may be attached to and considered to be a part of the Test Report.