HAR Agreement

When you use HAR certified cables, you have stronger arguments than your competitors.


The HAR Agreement describes the procedure for the granting and use of a commonly agreed marking for cables and cords complying with harmonized standards which have been prepared by CENELEC. The National Certification Bodies (NCBs) adhering to this agreement shall consider cables and cords bearing any of the HARmonization markings unconditionally as bearing their own approval mark and shall act accordingly.

The agreement implies that the cable is type-tested in one of the member countries (primary testing), normally in the manufacturer's home country. The manufacturer shall have in force a quality system according to EN ISO 9001. If all requirements are fulfilled the NCB will issue the HAR licence for using its HARmonization marking. Further, the NCB which issued the licence shall carry out surveillance at least four times a year either by checking the production at the place of manufacture (factory surveillance) or by taking samples from the manufacturer’s store or from the market (market surveillance).


HARmonization marking

In case of marking on the core or sheath of cables and cords:

In case of insertion of identification threads into cables and cords:

Products covered

Low voltage electric cables and cords.


Standards applied



How to apply

  • The applicant submits:
    • Application form (available on request / download Application Form)
    • Product documentation
    • Test sample
      (The applicant should contact OVE before sending a specimen)
  • OVE arranges testing of the relevant product in a Testing Laboratory
  • When testing is completed a Test Report will be issued
  • When testing is successfully carried out, OVE will issue the HAR licence