Akkreditierungen und Konformitätszeichen


Accredited Certification and Inspection Body in the field of Electrotechnology:

  • EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013 — Certification Body for Products
  • EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 — Inspection Body Type A


Notified Body for the following EC-Directives:

  • 305/2011/EU — Construction Products Regulation (CPR)


Accreditation Certificate Certification Body

Accreditation Certificate Inspection Body

Certificate of Acceptance IECQ Certification Body

Certificate of Acceptance IECEE CB Scheme and Factory Surveillance Service


Austrian Safety Mark

All electrotechnical and electronic products

Austrian Safety Mark for Cables and Cords

Cables, flexible cords and conduits

OVE HARmonization Mark

Cables and Cords complying with harmonized Standards

OVE Identification Thread

Identification thread for cables and Cords

OVE HARmonization Thread

Identification thread for cables and Cords complying with harmonized Standards


Electronic components

EMC Mark

Appliances complying with European Standards for Electromagnetic Compatibility


Electrical Equipment and components complying with European Standards

  • Information Center for all foreign Certification Marks, Testing and Inspection Procedures for an easy market access
  • Information and support concerning CE Marking
  • Support service for production and assembly

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