OVE Certification

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Der OVE ist die national und international akkreditierte Zertifizierungs- und Inspektionsstelle für elektrotechnische Produkte, Verfahren und Systeme. mehr


Nationale Zertifizierung

The Austrian Safety Mark is a synonym for safety and quality of electrotechnical products. Our certificates facilitate the access to the market on national and international level and are the basis for the necessary EU declaration of conformity for your products. The OVE mark thus sends a signal to all consumers and relevant authorities that the product complies with the legal requirements according to the Low Voltage Directive and the EMC Directive.


ENEC Agreement

ENEC is the Europen Mark for all electrotechnical products and provides product access to markets of all countries in the European Union, EFTA and a growing number of Eastern European countries. ENEC shows conformity of products to European Safety Standards (EN).



The CB Scheme of the IECEE is an agreement for mutual recognition of test certificates for electrical equipment. The fundamental principle of the scheme is that a manufacturer can obtain a CB Test Certificate for a defined product, which means that a National Certification Body (NCB) has tested the product and found it to be in conformity with the requirements of IEC standards covered by the agreement. The manufacturer can then present this certificate to the NCBs in other countries whose certification marks he wants for his products.


CCA Agreement

The CENELEC Certification Agreement (CCA) is a European agreement on mutual recognition of test results and aims to facilitate trade between the participating countries. The purpose of the agreement is to ensure that the results of a test in the individual country will be accepted in the other CCA countries.


HAR Agreement

The HAR Agreement describes the procedure for the granting and use of a commonly agreed marking for cables and cords complying with harmonized standards which have been prepared by CENELEC.



IECQ — IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components — is the only comprehensive, world-wide, approval and certification program that assesses electronic components to quality requirements. It was formed in April 2003 from the IECQ and CECC, two systems which had been operating for more than 20 years.