CE Marking is mandatory in Europe for products covered by one or several EC Directives as a visible evidence that the product is in compliance with the relevant Directives.

CE marking is now introduced on a large scale and shall be affixed to an increasing number of products so that, after the transitional periods of the different directives, all newly manufactured products on the market shall be CE marked.

The CE marking provides information to the authorities that the manufacturer confirms that all requirements are fulfilled and that he is able to prove this by means of appropriate documentation. The documentation shall contain a Declaration of Conformity (Manufacturer's Declaration) and a Technical File, which also includes a test report. This means, the manufacturer himself and not an independent third-party like OVE, states that the products in question comply with the specified requirements of the applicable Directives.

A product that complies with the requirements of the relevant harmonized standards is presumed to comply with the requirements of the Directive.

Some manufacturers do not have testing facilities or sufficient technical expertise to evaluate what standards are relevant. In that case, OVE can assist and advise you. You may use certificates issued by OVE as basis for the necessary EC Declaration of Conformity for your products to facilitate the access to the market on national and international level. In this way you may save time and money and you will be able to put your products on the global market as fast as possible. In addition you will have the benefit of an independent and competent third party certification by OVE.

The Austrian Safety Mark is a synonym for safety and quality of electrotechnical products and thus sends a signal to all consumers and relevant authorities that the product complies with the legal requirements according to the Low Voltage Directive and the EMC Directive.

How can OVE support manufacturers?

  • Information about requirements of the relevant Directives
  • Information about what requirements your products are subjected to
  • Information about standards
  • On request OVE arranges testing of your products
  • Our certificates facilitate the access to the market
  • Certificates issued by OVE are the basis for your Manufacturer’s Declaration
  • Information about the content of the Technical File
  • Our test- and factory inspection reports are supporting documents for your technical file
  • On request we issue a Declaration of Conformity for your products


OVE is Notified Body for the following EC-Directives :

  • 305/2011/EU — Construction Products Regulation (CPR)