EMC Mark Agreement


The EMC Mark Agreement describes the procedure for the granting and use of a commonly agreed mark of conformity for products complying with European Standards, as far as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is concerned. National Certification Bodies (NCBs) adhering to this agreement shall consider products legitimately bearing the European EMC Mark granted by another NCB as bearing the Mark granted by them, and shall act accordingly.

In short, the agreement implies that the product in question will be tested in one of the member countries against the applicable standards. If the product complies with the relevant European Standards concerning EMC, as verified by the relevant Certification Body, and if the manufacturer´s production control routines meet the specified requirements, the Certification Body will issue a Type Test Certificate. If the NCB issues also a licence for using the EMC-Mark it shall carry out continuous surveillance of the production to ensure that the product is maintained in compliance with the standard.



EMC Members


Standards covered by the agreement



How to apply

  • The applicant submits:
    • Application form (available on request / download Application Form)
    • Product documentation
    • Test samples
      (The applicant should contact OVE before sending a specimen)
  • OVE arranges testing of the relevant product in an accepted Testing Laboratory
  • When testing is completed a Test Report will be issued
  • When testing is successfully carried out, OVE will issue the Licence for using the OVE EMC Mark